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Idrobios today has achieved recognition in Italy and on the international stage.

Thanks to tried and tested expertise and long experience we can interpret all customer requirements and meet them in full, supplying all the necessary tools from initial design up to construction of the finished plant.

Civil Installations

Technology for water treatment, in full compliance with statutory legislation

Industrial Plant

Water treatment systems for technological applications


Water potabilisation technologies

Water pipelines

Plant for correct management and distribution of potable water

Legislative References

The articles of law and the standards quoted can be found on the Internet or in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic and Italian standards organisation UNI.
All our equipment is tested in compliance with the current applicable European Directives.

Domestic water

  • Decree no. 25 of 7 February 2012

    Technical provisions concerning equipment for the treatment of water for human consumption.
  • Italian ministerial decree 174 of 06 April 2004

    Materials suitable for contact with water for human consumption
  • Italian legislative decree 31 of 02 February 2001 as amended, Italian legislative decree 27 of 02 February 2002

    Requirements of water for human consumption imposed by the Italian Ministry of Health and the European Community
  • Standard UNI-CTI 8065 of 06/1989

    Standard establishing the characteristics of water destined to supply domestic hot water production systems
  • Standard UNI 9182 April 1987

    Standard that defines the construction characteristics of cold and hot water hydraulic circuits to convey water for human consumption in civil buildings, and the system sanitisation procedures to employ before commissioning

Fire pumps

  • UNI EN 12845

    “Fixed firefighting systems" - Automatic systems
  • UNI 10779

    “Firefighting systems” Hydrant Networks
  • UNI EN ISO 9906

    “Pump hydraulic performance tests”
  • UNI 11292

    Rooms to accommodate fire pump sets. Construction and functional characteristics

Installation Design

  • Law no. 37 of 22 January 2008

    Regulation concerning provisions for plant installation in buildings